The Queen Will Meet Donald Trump at the Site of the Royal Wedding

As previously reported, President Donald Trump will, at long last (ahem, a year-and-a-half into his first term), meet with Britain’s long-reigning monarch Queen Elizabeth.

Trump’s long-delayed U.K. “working visit” (a term denoting a lack of the typical fanfare afforded a head of state) will take place on July 12-14, his meeting with the Queen is set for July 13—yes, Friday the 13th.

Queen Elizabeth Donald Trump
Getty Images

Superstitions aside, the meeting is already off to a somewhat rocky start—Meghan Markle’s father (the infamous Thomas) is reportedly very angry the Queen will meet with “our arrogant and insensitive president” before she meets with him.

And, well, if he feels that strongly about the meeting itself, we have a feeling he’s not going to be so keen on this additional detail: Trump and the Queen are meeting at Windsor Castle, aka the site of Meghan’s fairytale wedding to Prince Harry, which Thomas famously did not attend.

It’s unclear where exactly the Queen and the Donald will have their tête-à-tête, but according to the Castle’s website, tickets to tour the vicinity are unavailable for purchase on that date.

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