Queen Elizabeth Just "Couldn't Resist" Adding Another Corgi to Her Brood

Queen Elizabeth presides over a kingdom of Brits—and her own personal empire of corgis. The queen is a proud dog person and corgi owner, and she’s just added another one to her pack.

The monarch has adopted a new pup named Whisper, who belonged to her late gamekeeper Bill Fenwick. According to People, QE II used to take Fenwick’s dogs for walks around the grounds when his health was ailing. After his death, she asked his family if she could adopt him for good.


“She couldn’t resist Whisper,” a source told The Sun. “Now she has asked Bill’s family if she can keep him.”

Throughout her rule, the Queen has always had a brood of corgis by her side. Whisper is the fourth addition to her current pack, which includes a corgi named Willow and two corgi-dachshund mixes named Vulcan and Candy. It sounds like Whisper will have plenty of playmates in the palace.

We can’t wait to meet this new addition to the royal fam.

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