Usually, when we want some sort of fitness inspiration to help us swap couch potato life for actual activity, we look to fitness Instagrammers. But who knew this whole time we should've been looking to a 92-year-old royal great grandmother in England instead?

Queen Elizabeth lead
Credit: Tim Graham/Getty Images

Queen Elizabeth may be swimming in royal appointments and royal duties, but that has not seemed to slow her down in the slightest. The monarch was spotted out horseback riding around Windsor Castle over the weekend, taking advantage of the weather to fit in a little fresh air.

She was joined by her youngest son, 54-year-old Prince Edward, who trotted along slightly behind her in an attempt to keep up with Queen E's need for speed.

Queen Elizabeth Horseback Riding

We don't know many 92 year olds who are that active, but this is nothing new for Queen Elizabeth. She's had a well-documented love of riding horses since she was old enough to ride them, a passion that she's keen on passing down to her great-granddaughter Princess Charlotte.

Queen Elizabeth embed
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We'll see if Charlotte can keep up.