From Punk to Chic, Saoirse Ronan Stuns At the How I Live Now Premiere in Hollywood

Saoirse Ronan
Photo: Mike Windle/Getty Images

Unlike Saoirse Ronan's punk character Daisy from the new future third world war and coming-of-age film, How I Live Now, Ronan showed off her chic side while donning a high-neck blue Camilla and Marc mini dress at the film's premiere at ArcLight Hollywood Cinemas in Hollywood. "I think the style is actually really important for who [Daisy] ended up being," Ronan said to InStyle during the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival. "Once we finally decided on the whole bleach blond look, the piercings, leather jacket, and all this really kind of hard stuff, it really helped me to bring her out because I hadn’t played a character like that before, so the whole physicality of her really helps." The 19-year-old Irish actress plays a rebellious American teenage girl who is sent to stay with her relatives in the English countryside during a world war. She soon finds herself falling in love with her cousin Eddie (George MacKay), but when soldiers invade their home and the family becomes separated, Daisy has to fight for both her and family's survival. Catch the film in theaters when it opens everywhere on November 8th.

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