By Josephine Cusumano
Updated Jun 12, 2013 @ 4:15 pm
Burberry Kisses
Credit: Courtesy Photo (3)

Your kisses are getting digitized! Burberry teamed up with Google to launch Burberry Kisses, which uses Kiss Recognition Technology—yes, that’s a real thing now—to digitally blow your real kiss print to anywhere in the world. “Burberry Kisses began with the idea of giving technology a bit of heart and soul, and using it to unite the Burberry family across the world – by telling a story that makes the digital personal,” said Burberry’s Chief Creative Officer Christopher Bailey. You can try it on the go by imprinting your pout on your phone or tablet or at your desk by capturing your kiss on a webcam or computer camera (best experienced through Google Chrome). Then, send your kiss to your pals—the site features a real-time interactive map using Google Earth and Street View that tracks every kiss sent all around the world, and showcases which cities are receiving and sending the most kisses. Scroll down to learn how to seal your kiss, and get started at


1. IF YOU'RE AT A COMPUTERUsing a desktop webcam or built-in camera on your computer, pucker up and Burberry Kisses on Google Chrome will capture a digital image your lips.

2. IF YOU'RE USING A PHONE OR TABLETUsing a mobile device (iPhone or Android), kiss your touch screen and the multi-touch detection will capture the contours of your lips.

3. MAKE IT PERSONALAdd a personalized touch by dressing your kiss print in one of Burberry's 5 lip colors including Tea Rose, Union Red and Nude Beige.

4. ADD A NOTEWrite a message for your special someone.

5. SEND IT OFFInstructions on the screen show how to send your kiss. Once it's out, track it through the animated map until it reaches its destination.