Project Accessory: Judge Ariel Foxman's Tweet Roundup!

Project Accessory
Photo: Courtesy of Lifetime

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We’re almost at the season finale of Project Accessory! Last night, InStyle editor Ariel Foxman and the rest of the judging crew threw the designers for a loop with their decision to send not one, but two contestants home. Christina and Diego were both eliminatedChristina felt she made a mistake by picking the “craziest dress!” to go with her gold accessories, and Molly Sims pointed out that Diego just plays it too safe. Rich, meanwhile, won the red carpet challenge with his bug-themed looks. As always, Foxman live-tweeted the broadcast, and we’ve put together our favorite tweets below:

  • Folks, I did have complimentary things to say, I did.
  • One earring? Brian, no ... not every woman wants to look like Appolonia
  • Good night, #projectaccessory-ites. See you next week. It's the finale, folks. You know that because I am going to wear a tie.

Be sure to catch the finale next Thursday at 10/9c on Lifetime, and follow @ArielFoxman on Twitter during the episode! Plus, take a look back at the original 12 contestants in our gallery.MORE:Life After Project Accessory: Shea Curry Tells All!Episode 4: What the Judges Really Think!Contestant’s Dream Celebrity Clients

–Susannah Edelbaum

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