LSTN Headphones
Credit: Courtesy Photo

Listen up music lovers: Now your greatest playlists can benefit an even greater cause thanks to LSTN Headphones! The company has teamed up with the Starkey Hearing Foundation, an organization aimed at raising hearing health awareness and aiding hearing restoration, to create the Giving Back, Amplified program. For every headphone sold, the program will donate a hearing aid to someone in need. Plus, the headphones are of top-notch quality, made from reclaimed ebony, cherry, and beech woods to deliver the most pristine sound possible. The flawless acoustics combined with the fact that you're helping another person regain their hearing sure sounds like music to our ears! Head over to to shop the extensive range of headphones and accessories.Plus, see seven stylish headphones.MORE:• Squarehue's Monthly Nail Polish SubscriptionJ.Crew New York Park-Inspired Collection Why We're Obsessed with Shaun's Sunglasses