Priyanka Chopra Has Thoughts About Her Friend Meghan Markle's Royal Romance

Priyanka Chopra
Photo: Jim Spellman/WireImage

Priyanka Chopra is soon (if not already) a household name for her roles in Quantico and Baywatch, but when she sat down on Wendy Williams’s couch on Tuesday, the talk show host asked the Indian actress about her personal life: specifically, her close friend, Meghan Markle.

But before Chopra could get on to talking about Markle's romance with a royal, she was quick to correct Williams when the host described her friend as “Prince Harry’s girlfriend.”

“Also Meghan Markle, actress on Suits, her achievements … Just saying,” Chopra said, earning a round of applause and light-hearted laughs.

Chopra explained that they met at a party about two years ago and “got on really well.” And like all good buddies, she has thoughts about Markle’s new relationship. So does Chopra think her friend will have a ring on her left hand soon?

“I don’t know. I hope so. She seems happy,” she said. “I think they look great together.”

But she’s careful not to put any added pressure on her friend. “Listen, you know, high-profile relationships are so stressful anyway. As a friend, I wouldn’t like to add on that on all.”

As for the friends' phone calls, the conversation topics actually lean toward Chopra’s busy life. “But we talk about more my stress, actually, than hers. She doesn’t seem to have any right now,” she joked.

Apparently dating a prince really is all that it seems.

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