Priyanka Chopra Refused to Answer Whether Meghan Markle Is a Bridezilla

Priyanka Chopra was on Watch What Happens Live last night when Andy Cohen decided to grill her about the royal wedding (she’s good friends with Meghan Markle, after all). The rules were as follows: If Chopra didn’t want to answer the question, Cohen would interpret her response from her facial expression. Seems fair.

There were a few questions Chopra flat-out answered, like whether she’s hung out with them as a couple or even met Prince Harry (she said “no” to both). But on many occasions she let us interpret the response from the amount that she squirmed in her seat, and let’s just say she wasn’t great at keeping a straight face. No one’s signing this girl up for a game of poker.

One questionable response in particular came when Cohen asked whether Markle is a bridezilla. Instead of flat-out denying the claim, Chopra wouldn’t answer the question, shrugged, and threw her hand up in the air. You’re not fooling anyone, girl.

What else can we interpret from her less-than-neutral responses? Meghan probably cried when she said yes to her wedding dress, she told Chopra that she was engaged before the official announcement was made, and like the rest of us, Chopra really has no clue whether 1-week-old Prince Louis will be there. She did promise to get a selfie with him if he was, though.

Watch the squirm-worthy clip at top and hit up Chopra with some suggestions as to what gift to buy the royal couple. What do you get a girl who's literally marrying Prince Charming?

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