Happy Friday. Are you sitting at your desk counting down the hours until your long weekend begins? We are here to help.

Welcome to Dirty Laundry, a brand, spanking new video series hosted by InStyle's very own Editor-in-Chief Laura Brown.

Because haven't you always wondered, "What would it be like to hang out with my favorite celeb in a laundromat?"

Dirty Laundry brings A-listers straight to the washers and dryers to talk about the stories behind most personal clothing items and accessories. Secrets are spilled, hilarity ensues...and, well, YOU ARE WELCOME.

First up? Quantico star Priyanka Chopra, who came well-prepared with a bag jam-packed full of items to discuss—including a comfortable Dolce & Gabbana jacket that she literally lives in, which came courtesy of an ex-boyfriend. Same.

Watch the full episode above, and stay tuned for more episodes on the PEN Network.