Priyanka Chopra Jokes She'll Wear Sweats or Go Naked for Date Night

Don't let Priyanka Chopra's glitz and glam when she steps out on the town with fiancé Nick Jonas fool you — not every single one of her date nights is a fashion Kodak moment (we know, shocking).

When she caught up with InStyle at the Kate Spade New York fashion show during Fashion Week, Chopra got honest by breaking down all her style secrets when it comes to dolling up for a night with her fiancé.

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"I’m feeling very feminine this year," she said. "I’m still into skirts, very much ... As winter comes, we can end up covering ourselves more because we want to be warmer, and we forget the femininity sometimes. I love the idea of keeping it feminine and warm."

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It's obvious to the naked eye that this fashion philosophy translates into her wardrobe, but Chopra's all-time favorite date night look is still as unexpected as it can get.

"That’s a really hard question. Sweats, or nothing at all!" she laughed.

Thankfully (or maybe not thankfully) she's got plenty to keep her too busy for streaking through New York with Nick — including wedding planning, movies, talk shows, and a book deal.

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"I’m doing a movie in India, which I haven’t done in 4 years, so I’m really excited about it," she says. "And I’m doing a story for YouTube Original which is a talk show inspired by a book called, If I Could Tell You Just One Thing, which is basically me meeting influential people around the world who I want to know what their one thing, one attribute, to their success."

It begs the question: Will her pal Meghan Markle make an appearance? Well, we don't really know (bummer), but we do know her friends will be on it ... which means there's a chance.

"It’ll be a fun, chatty, conversational thing, which I’m really excited about because I’ve never done anything like that, and I get to have all my friends on the show," Chopra said. "Right now, we’re just doing that. And I’m writing a book, and planning a wedding. Oh, and I have a release called Isn’t It Romantic?"


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