Priyanka Chopra's Eyebrows Are Basically Her Beauty Superpower

Priyanka Chopra
Photo: Craig Barritt/Getty

Never underestimate the power of a well-groomed set of brows—it's a philosophy Priyanka Chopra knows and practices, though she didn't always consider her arches to be her strong point. News to us, considering her headshot is the photo we typically bring in to our brow technician to mimic. "I used to be really, really conscious about so many things about myself, and my eyebrows were these thick, thick bold brows, but now, I've made them my strength," the star told InStyle at an event for SK-II's #ChangeDestiny campaign in New York City. "Everyone says your eyebrows are supposed to be cousins or sisters, not twins, but mine aren't. They're identical twins, and I make sure they look like that." Chopra's mother, who was also in attendance, acted as the driving force behind her change in view, and encouraged her to make her unique aspects her strongest ones, even if they weren't necessarily her favorites at the time. "Everybody doesn't like a lot of things about themselves, whether it's their nose, jawline, hair, or whatever, but you shouldn't be ashamed of what you look like, and you shouldn't be afraid of being the best version of you," she added. "You can't be like anyone else, because you're born as you. You need to find what's unique about yourself and make that your strength. That's the best advice I ever got, and that was from my mother."

Chopra's inspiring outlook goes hand-in-hand with that of SK-II's, making their partnership for the brand's #ChangeDestiny campaign every bit as perfect as the star's own complexion. Though her mother is a doctor and the rest of her family stayed in the academic field, Chopra veered from the path and eventually succeeded as an actress. "Destiny and hard work always go hand in hand. Some people will tell you that you shouldn't behave a certain way, that we should respect our boundaries, especially for women," she said. "You have to turn it around and ask yourself, what is the best version of me that I can be? What do I want to do? Do I want to travel to space? Do I want to design shoes? Whatever your dream is, whatever your choice is, that is your destiny if you are willing to work hard." Now there's a life motto to repeat on the daily if we've ever read one.

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