Why This Expert Predicts Princess Eugenie Could Wear a Risqué Reception Dress

Princess Eugenie's royal wedding to Jack Brooksbank is a mere week away and it has all royal obsessed fans asking the same question: What is she going to wear??

While we obviously know nothing officially yet (the royals are extra careful not to spill details before important events), we turned to Katharine Polk, celebrity fashion designer and founder of bridal fashion label, Houghton, for her expert opinion on what could go down fashion-wise.

"Princess Eugenie is known for pushing boundaries when it comes to fashion. However, all eyes will be on her on the big day, so I imagine she will be advised on what is considered 'appropriate,'" Polk explained. "A somewhat new trend for royal brides is to wear a second dress before the reception, which is what Meghan did earlier this year. This is where I foresee Eugenie having a little bit of fun. Since Princess Eugenie is only 28 and taking into account her always on-trend fashion taste, I think she might opt for a more risqué second dress, one that is likely to bare a little more flesh."

A daring fashion moment during a glorious fairytale royal wedding? Count us in.

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"Given her royal title, Princess Eugenie will have to play it relatively safe during the ceremony. Although I don’t think she will be as cautious as Meghan was during her church service, I still think she will opt for something traditional," Polk added. "It is after the ceremony that I foresee her unleashing her inner fashionista with a more modern and contemporary second dress."

To get Polk's thoughts on royal tiaras, Meghan and Kate's attire, and just who might be in the running to design Eugenie's wedding dress, check out the rest of our interview below.

Who are your predictions for Eugenie’s dress designer? What kind of bridal style do you think she’ll go with?

In my opinion, I think the most likely candidates are Dior, Stella McCartney or Alberta Feretti. Erdem may also be a possibility. I think she will go with the classic bridal style that portrays feminine details and dreamy silhouettes. A style that exemplifies timeless elegance over momentary trends.

Which royal tiara do you think Princess Eugenie is most likely to wear on her big day?

Although Princess Eugenie will more than likely have access to her grandmother’s magnificent jewelry vault, I think she will opt for something a little closer to home. I think the number one contender for her wedding day will be the York Tiara, which belongs to her mom, Sarah Ferguson. This authentic diamond-encrusted piece has a breathtaking five-carat diamond at the center of the headpiece, flanked by diamond-covered leaf details. It is the perfect accessory for such a momentous day since diamonds are the ultimate symbol of true love and romance.

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It’s elegant, classic design will complement any style of dress of her choosing and is also something that she can wear after her big day just as her mom did. Fashion forward women know that diamonds aren’t just for engagements, anniversaries, and romantic gestures, all you need to do is look at the runway for proof. Diamond accessories often take center stage on some of the world’s biggest catwalks — they never go out of fashion which is one of the reasons they’re so desirable.

Do you think she will wear a veil?

Yes, I definitely think she will wear a veil, however, she has a tough act to follow after Meghan’s five-meter-long, sentimental design. I see her going for something quite extravagant — she’s a royal, after all. I think she will choose a design that is meaningful with subtle embroidery. Perhaps she will follow in the footsteps of her mother and have her and Jack’s initials embroidered into the headpiece.

What do you think Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton will wear to the wedding?

I think there’s no doubt that both will opt for a tailored piece. I think Meghan will go for a dress with a nipped-in waistline, full skirt and three-quarter length sleeves that will feature her signature neckline — the bateau. Given the time of year, I think she will for a deep berry color or maybe navy. I think she will accessorize the outfit with a dainty box clutch, a medium-sized headpiece in a similar color to the dress and a beautiful pair of diamond earrings to add a little bit of sparkle to the ensemble.

I think Kate will opt for a two-piece ensemble, featuring a dress and an overcoat. I see her wearing something slightly more fitted than Meghan, but of a similar midi length. Again, I think she will go for a longer sleeve with perhaps a bit of lace detail. With regards to color, I think dark green would be a great option for her. I think she will wear a matching fascinator and accessorize with a small clutch with a statement, kitten heels and diamond drop earrings.

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