The Princess Diaries 2
Credit: (c) Buena Vista/courtesy Everett Collection

Will we get to see Mia Thermopolis one more time on the big screen? According to Tracking Board, a third installment of the beloved Princess Diaries films is in the works. (Shut up!)

Disney's The Princess Diaries, which came out in 2001, launched a young Anne Hathaway's career with her role as an awkward, nerdy teen who finds out she is a princess when her regal grandmother (portrayed by Julie Andrews) comes to town. A royal makeover, several stunt falls by Hathaway, and a musical performance by a bubbly Mandy Moore made this film an adorable hit.

The 2004 sequel, which starred a relatively unknown Chris Pine as Mia's love interest, was also a commercial success. With more than 11 years since the last story, the plot would likely have a very different angle. Would Mia have children now? Is she married? And most importantly, would Hathaway, Andrews, and director Garry Marshall return?

We don't have too many answers, but Debra Chase, the producer of the first two films, is reportedly on board. We will be waiting for our royal invitation in the mail.