Wow, The Crown Really Nailed Princess Diana's Most Iconic Moments

We have photographic evidence.

While all of the drama surrounding Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's new life in California has been capturing our royal attention, something was brewing that we've all been waiting for: Princess Diana in Netflix's The Crown.

The third season of the show ended with Prince Charles and Camilla ending things, leading up to the inevitable next chapter of his life (which we will see in season 4) with Diana. The role is played by actress Emma Corrin, who looks like the late princess even without any costume and makeup.

We've been catching glimpses behind-the-scenes since October and now we have the first glimpses of the actual show. The resemblance is UNCANNY.

Ahead we break down the best ones.

This iconic purple gown moment.

princess diana the crown outfits style
Netflix, Getty Images

A very iconic 80s Diana look wearing a colorful, red dress and hat.

Emma Corrin Princess Diana
Getty Images, Splash News

In the second, she wears a camel coat akin to one that Diana wore regularly in the '80s.

Emma Corrin Princess Diana
Getty Images, Shutterstock

Another uncanny side-by-side shows her donning a bright pink waist-cinched dress and matching fascinator.

Emma Corrin Princess Diana
Getty Images, Splash News

Princess Diana could wear even the simplest combinations and make them look elegant. This recreation highights that skill.

Update: Princess Diana Crown Side by Side comparisons
Getty Images/Splash News

Possibly the most spot on look is from a beach scene where she wears a simple white dress.

Emma Corrin Princess Diana
Getty Images, Splash News

While it is exciting to see the images nailing Diana's look, it's not clear whether the royal family will be happy about the appearance – in the past they've reportedly been angry over other elements of the show. In fact, just recently Prince Harry said he would try to ″stop" the show if they wanted to portray him and Meghan Markle.

I guess we'll have to wait and see when the next season finally hits our queue.

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