Why Princess Charlotte Can't Sit at the Table with Her Parents on Royal Visits

Being a royal seems like great fun from the outside, but there's a laundry list of rules that come attached to the crown. Nails must be baby pink. Constricting accessories must be worn. And forget about the idea of just "throwing something on" ever again. Even the company you keep needs to be well versed on specific etiquette, so at this point, little surprises us about the hoops the family has to jump through. Royal babies included.

Yes, as it turns out, Princess Charlotte and her brothers Prince George and Prince Louis do not get a pass on having proper manners just because they're children. In fact, Charlotte reportedly isn't allowed to even sit with adults at royal dinners until she's learned "the art of polite conversation," according to Harper's Bazaar Australia.

Princess Charlotte lead
Isa Foltin

Royal kiddos need to stay separate until they can behave themselves, so theoretically, this means a kids table away from mom and dad, Kate Middleton and Prince William. This isn't the only instance of Will and Kate's kids being subjected to royal law though.

Last July, the BBC confirmed what fashion fiends already suspected: Prince George doesn't just wear shorts because they're cute, he wears them because they are mandatory.

The tradition of young royal boys wearing shorts apparently dates back to the 16th century, so there's a long history of rule following vouching in favor of shorts and knee-highs. Lucky for Charlotte, that's not something she has to sweat.

In addition to reading up on dinnertime conduct and shorts etiquette, kids born into the royal family are required to learn more than one language. It's a pretty practical rule, considering how much traveling they'll inevitably do, and George and Charlotte are taking it seriously. Charlotte apparently speaks Spanish to her nanny Maria Turrion Borrallo already, and George can count in the same language.

Just further proof that there's way more to being a royal than posing for pictures.

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