By Alexandra Whittaker
Updated Jul 10, 2018 @ 10:30 am

When the royal family got together yesterday, sans Queen Elizabeth, for Prince Louis's christening, all eyes were obviously on the little man of the hour. (Did you see how much he looks like big brother Prince George?)

But big sister Princess Charlotte, being the natural scene stealer she is, still managed to nab the spotlight—even if only for a moment.


As she exited the church following Louis's christening, holding hands with her dad Prince William, she cast a somewhat concerned glance at the group of photographers watching them. The saucy princess then took it upon herself to make sure they knew that they weren't going to post-baptism tea with the rest of the family.

"You're not coming," she said as she passed them by, keeping a watchful and protective eye on them as she walked off. The funniest part of it all? The whole thing is on video here, courtesy of Daily Mail.

For their part, Kate Middleton and Prince William merely gave Charlotte a sideways glance in reaction, but we've got a feeling her antics caused more than a few photographers to crack a smile.