It's so British.


Princess Charlotte is without a doubt the luckiest 3-year-old alive. I mean, first there’s the matter of her title: PRINCESS. What little girl (or grown ass woman) wouldn’t kill to wear a literal (or figurative) crown? And then there’s the fact that she’s set to inherit the shiniest, bounciest hair in the world (unless she ends up with William’s genes. Jk!). As if things couldn’t get better, we’ve also learned that she has the cutest nickname of all time.

Belfast blogger and mom Laura-Ann spoke with Kate Middleton briefly during the first day of her Northern Ireland visit and got quite the scoop. Having brought along her 2-year-old son, George, the Duchess stopped to commend his "cool name"; Laura-Ann then explained that she also had a 4-year-old son at home (who I assume doesn’t have quite as “cool” a name), to which Kate said, “Oh, he’s the same age as Lottie!”

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Credit: Pool/Max Mumby/Getty Images

LOTTIE. As in, Charlotte-y. Wow, that’s cute — like roomful of puppies cute. Naturally, the name Charlotte skyrocketed in popularity after Kate and Prince Williams’s daughter was born, so while her nickname probably isn’t too unique, it’s undeniably adorable. You might say we like it a lottie.