She's a fan of Kate's curry.


Little Princess Charlotte may be a kid, but she's got a grown-up palate. According to People, during a public appearance to celebrate Pakistani culture before a royal tour of Pakistan, Kate Middleton explained that her daughter's got a penchant for spicy food.

At the event, Middleton explained that she likes to cook curry for the family, but because everyone has tolerances for spice, she has to customize it. Turns out, Kate likes it hot and Charlotte is well on her way to preferring it that way, too.

"It's so hard cooking curry with the family though," she said when William spoke about how excited he was to try the local cuisine during the tour. "The children have a portion with no spice, yours is medium,” she said. "And I quite like it hot. Charlotte is pretty good with heat."

Kate Middleton Matched Her Outfit to Princess Charlotte and Prince George's School Uniforms
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"Me and heat, not so good. I love spice but not heat," William said. "I'm looking forward to it anyway. I'm going to need a bigger suit."

Kate's talked about Charlotte's sophisticated tastes before. Back in February, she revealed that Charlotte loves eating olives, something that's usually associated with older people, not kids.

Town & Country adds that in addition to enjoying more grown-up flavors (she's still a kid though — Kate mentioned that she and her family like making cheesy pasta together), Charlotte is enjoying her dance lessons, going to school, and, naturally, sticking her tongue out at her royal family members.