Princess Charlotte Had the Most Badass Nickname in Preschool


Xena has some competition — and she's small but mighty.

Last week, Vanity Fair reported that while in preschool, Princess Charlotte had the most badass nickname one could ever bestow upon a child under the age of five. According to royal reporter Katie Nicholl, Charlotte's "feisty," adventure-loving personality earned her the nickname "warrior princess." Do you love it? I love it.

Warrior Princess finished up her time at the Willcocks nursery school earlier this year, and recently joined her big brother George at Thomas's Battersea. Sadly, it was also reported that Warrior Princess will be referred to as simply "Charlotte Cambridge" in the classroom, though we're holding out hope that her teachers might come around. The 4-year-old may also take to "Lottie," which Kate Middleton is known to call her only daughter — though it really doesn't have quite the same ring to it.

Princess Charlotte Added the Cutest Accessory to Her School Uniform
WPA Pool/Getty Images

Though the school requires a dress code of cardigans and tall socks (among other uniform elements), Warrior Princess found a way to bring her soon-to-be-signature flair to her ensemble, affixing a tiny unicorn keychain to her backpack.

A friend of the royal family also told VF that Warrior Princess "has been so excited and cannot wait to start school with George,” adding, “She feels very grown up and not nervous at all.”

She's got the attitude, she's got the look — she's truly the embodiment of the energy we should all strive to bring with us into 2020. Warrior Princess, long may she reign.

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