Prince WilliamAnti-Bullying PSA - Video Lead
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Prince William is taking a stand against bullying. In a clip released today by U.K. nonprofit The Diana Award for its Stand Up to Bullying Day, the Duke of Cambridge delivered a heartfelt message urging society to put an end to bullying in all forms.

"Bullying is an issue which can affect any one of us, regardless of age, background, gender, sexuality, race, disability or religion," he says in the video. "It can happen for many reasons. It is often stupid and cruel, and can take many forms. And the reach of technology means it can feel unrelenting, leaving the victim feeling attacked, powerless and isolated."

"It is our collective responsibility to be alert, and to be ready to challenge the behavior we see around us," the prince went on to say. "We all have a role to play to ensure that we do not standby, but instead stand up, and put a stop to bullying." Watch his message here:

In April, when Prince William launched a task force to address the problems of cyberbullying, a spokesman said in a statement: "This is an issue that the duke feels strongly about. He knows that social media and other technologies are creating significant positive opportunities for millions of young people. But as a parent, he knows that many people worry about how to protect their children from the new avenues for bullying that technology is creating."

The Diana Award spearheaded the new Stand Up to Bullying campaign in conjunction with the duke's newly formed The Royal Foundation Taskforce on the Prevention of Cyberbullying.