Prince William and Kate Middleton Met Another Set of Royal Children, and the Photos Are So Sweet

While Kate Middleton and Prince William are away on an official royal visit to Sweden, Prince George and Princess Charlotte had to stay home, but we bet they'd like their parents' new friends.

The royal duo met a pair of young royal children who would make perfect playmates for George and Charlotte, and the photos are just as sweet as you'd expect. The kids are Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar, and they joined Will and Kate for tea time at the Haga Palace in Sweden.

The kids wore mint green and gray matching outfits that coordinated with those of their parents Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel. Prince William kneeled down in order to see eye to eye with the young royals, before they joined their parents on the couch in front of teacups and a bowl of fruits.

The two families seem to be old friends. According to People, Victoria and Daniel even attended Will and Kate's 2011 wedding, and on top of it, they each have two children who are close in age (though the British royals will be expecting a third later this spring). Some even say the pairs are doppelgängers of one another, and to be honest, we can totally see it.

It only makes their meeting all the more sweet.

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