8 Things We Learned When Kate Middleton and Prince William Filled in as Radio DJs

Photo: bbcradio1/instagram

Fans of BBC Radio 1 got a special surprise today when they tuned in to listen to the radio: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were filling in as DJs.

Prince William and Kate Middleton paid a surprise visit to see station presenter Adele Roberts, who is running Sunday's London Marathon in support of mental health charity Heads Together.

BBC 1 - Will and Kate Embed
Courtesy BBC 1 Radio

The royals acted as radio show hosts and announced the Official Chart Top 10 songs—and they were basically natural-born presenters. And once we stopped swooning over their British accents, we actually learned a lot from their candid interviews.


Here are eight things we didn’t know about the royals—until now.

1. They’d love to go to music festivals—if they could.

“Unfortunately, it is a bit tricky. We’ve talked about going to Glastonbury before because I do love my music.”

2. They watch Game of Thrones at night.

“We’re both quite keen on box sets, when we get time in the evening,” William said. “We’ve watched Homeland. We’re big fans. We’ve watched Game of Thrones.”

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3. They watch a lot of kids’ shows too.

“You have to pretend you’re really interested because George gets quite upset if you’re not paying due diligence to the characters,” William said. “Fireman Sam has taken an awful lot of interest. George has gone past Peppa Pig stage. Charlotte will probably be into Peppa Pig soon.”

4. There’s a big rivalry between the siblings.

“It’s clearly obvious—me. Because I’m bigger,” William joked when asked who would win in a fight between him and Prince Harry.

5. They love Indian takeout.

What’s their fast food of choice? “Curry, definitely. You do struggle for choice though,” Middleton said, adding that it’s not easy for delivery drivers to drop off at Kensington Palace.

6. They struggle to get gifts for their parents too.

“It’s quite hard to know what to give the queen for her 91st birthday,” Wiliam said. “We’ve tried making things. Now that we’ve got grandchildren around we’ve tried that and it always goes down really well.” He added that drawings from George and Charlotte are their new go-to.

7. Prince William listens to pop culture radio.

"I'm probably at the edge of your age limit. I'm probably meant to go over to Radio 2 now, but I'm hanging on in there," he said. The queen, however, is “definitely not a Radio 1 listener.”

8. He texts into the show—under a fake name.

“I have texted in, yes,” he said. “I got a shoutout,” he joked. “I felt very privileged.”

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