It's really no secret that Prince William and Kate Middleton dated other people before falling madly in love (and breaking up, then getting back together. Details, details). But there's one particular ex-boyfriend of Kate's who got on Will's nerves more than the others.

After Will and Kate broke up for a brief few months in 2007, they each tried seeing other people, as you do. But according to reports, Middleton's rebound was one of her future husband's Eton schoolmates, a shipping heir named Henry Ropner. And Will didn't like that so much.

While it sounds innocent enough on the surface, Harper's Bazaar Australia reports that William once dated Ropner's ex shortly after they had broken up, so it feels like D-R-A-M-A to us. The outlet also said that Henry and Kate's relationship made Will "jealous."

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Meanwhile, Henry and Kate were having a grand ol' time. "Henry is delighted to be there for Kate now that she's split from William," an inside source told outlets back in 2007. "They've been meeting up and enjoying themselves."

"There's been a lot of flirting," the source added. "Now she's single, Kate is enjoying Henry's company regularly. Henry is very wealthy. He has moved in William's circle for years."

Clearly, whatever Ropner and Middleton had did not last long. Will and Kate reunited and tied the knot in 2011, and months before they walked down the aisle, Ropner married a woman named Natasha Sinclair.

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Even though Henry and William seemed to be at odds — with some even calling them "love rivals" at the time — The Telegraph reports that Will and Kate actually attended Ropner's wedding. Guess it's all water under the bridge?