By Christopher Luu
Updated Nov 01, 2018 @ 9:15 pm

Prince Harry and his brother, Prince William, seem to be stealing a lot of the spotlight on behalf of the royal family, but just because they're in the headlines doesn't mean that they're doing their jobs. And remember, "jobs" is a loose term, since they don't have anything outside of royal responsibilities to handle. Who pulls all the weight in the royal family? According to Vanity Fair, that would be their father, Prince Charles. The heir to the throne isn't just acting as a head of state now that Queen Elizabeth II is lightening her workload, he's taking on plenty of other responsibilities, too.

Credit: Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Vanity Fair reports that "a tally of 'jobs' attended by the royal family in 2017 attests to the amount of heavy lifting Charles is doing." The magazine went through the entire year's worth of royal engagements, personal appearances, and other duties and found out that Charles had 546. That's more than one per day. Second and third place went to Prince Anne and Prince Andrew, respectively, and the Queen herself took in the next spot. As for William and Harry, they only made 209 and 171 appearances on behalf of the family. That's quite a bit less than their dad.

But it could be practice for what's to come. VF continues: "Charles has become a proxy head of state for his mother, while his own children have helped garner massive positive press for the royal family." So, it seems that the royals have slipped into a sort of routine. Charles does the heavy lifting and the kiddos, who the press and the general public adore, can take the attention when it comes to things like weddings, royal tours, and making more royal babies.

And speaking of babies, Charles's lack of a baby could be one more reason he's got a heavier workload. With William and Kate caring for their growing family and Harry and Meghan getting ready to start their own, they could be facing a bit of a work-life juggle that Charles doesn't have to worry about.