Prince William Doesn't Play Favorites With His Kids, Even If Royal Fans Do

He said the sweetest thing when one fan said Charlotte was her favorite.

During a visit to the south Wales resort of Mumbles today, Prince William met a fan that told him that Charlotte was her favorite royal. And even though he's the prince of England, he's just like any other dad and, with trademark British politeness, didn't choose a favorite. Instead, he offered a sweet sentiment and compared Charlotte to someone else near and dear to his heart: Kate Middleton.

Peoplereports that Middleton was at the event, too, though the magazine doesn't mention whether or not she heard what Prince William said to the fan: "Yes, she is lovely — just like my wife," he said of Charlotte.

Whether or not she heard, People notes that she and William are a strong couple, which could be why the prince has such nice things to say.


"They look after each other but in different ways," a friend told the magazine. "Some people might say it's an old-fashioned marriage, but it seems to work. They have different roles, but they come together as a team."

The Welsh stop included an appearance at an ice cream shop, People adds. William opted for vanilla with chocolate sprinkles in a cone and Kate had her ice cream in a cup.

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