Prince William Just Made a Major Cultural Gaffe

Princes: they’re just like us — sometimes they mix up two incredibly diverse countries that happen to share a continent. (Eek.)

The Duke Of Cambridge Attends The Grand Opening Of Japan House London
Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images

Prince William attended the grand opening of London’s Japan House on Thursday, where he met with school children, Japanese officials, and various Japan House employees. All was going swimmingly — he shook the right hands, held the right teapots (we think), and even enjoyed some authentic sake — until he sat down to enjoy a Japanese meal with local school children and asked them if they’d had “much Chinese food.” To be fair, Wills recovered quickly, apologizing and changing the adjective to Japanese, but it was too late, the Internet had heard the gaffe loud and clear.

OK, there’s no excuse for confusing Japan and China, but William has a lot going on: he’s second-in-line to the throne, a father to three young children (including a newborn), and he’s been picking up the event-going slack for wife Kate Middleton (who’s technically on maternity leave until October). This is the fourth consecutive day of royal engagements for Wills.

Get some sleep, William!

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