Kensington Palace Just Shared New Photos of Prince Louis for His First Birthday

Kate Middleton took the adorable portraits herself.

Just in time for Prince Louis's first birthday tomorrow, Kensington Palace has graced us all with the little prince's very first birthday snapshots. And, of course, they don't disappoint. Posted to the official Kensington Royal Instagram account, the new galleries show Louis frolicking in lush greenery and thanks to the caption, we all know that this epic shoot took place at Kate Middleton and Prince William's home in Norfolk. Details aside, what's important is that the prince looks like an actual angel, with his huge smile, rosy cheeks, and cozy-looking knitwear.

"The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are delighted to share three new photographs of Prince Louis ahead of his first birthday tomorrow. The photographs were taken earlier this month by The Duchess at their home in Norfolk," reads the caption, with a balloon emoji as an extra-festive touch.

The fact that Kate took the photos herself isn't new. She's earned photography credit in the past, Louis's very first official photos and Charlotte's third birthday photos. In fact, it's something she's quite proud of. According to Hello!, not only did Kate study "history of art at university," she "broke with royal tradition in 2015 when she took the first official portraits of her daughter, instead of hiring a photographer."

Being that Louis is just a year old, there's no real info on what he's all about in terms of personality (though we do spy some teeth on the guy in these photos). Elle did report that the royal kiddo is always smiling and happy, so these pics seem to confirm that.

He is "very quiet and content, always smiling and happy," a source told the magazine. Kate confirmed it during Louis's christening, describing him as a "very relaxed and peaceful" baby and adding, "I hope he stays like this."

Louis's birthday is tomorrow, but there's another royal baby on the way. Here's hoping the Louis and his cousin, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's baby, who is set to arrive any day now, have some cute moments together just like this.

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