By Jonathan Borge
Updated: Jul 13, 2018 @ 1:58 pm

Here’s a tradition that sounds just like a challenge you’d expect to watch on Fear Factor: eating 7-year-old cake. Can we please have the slice without the mold on it?

According to Kensington Palace, the British royals are really into serving up dessert that dates back years before Prince George, 4, and Princess Charlotte, 3, were even alive. Specifically, Prince William and Kate Middleton will serve guests at their son Prince Louis’s christening slices of their 2011 wedding cake on Monday. Yum!

Samir Hussein/Getty Images

Regarding said christening, we know that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are not little Louis’s godparents, and that Queen Elizabeth decided to take a minute and skip her grandson’s big day, but hearing that the royals are all for munching on a slice of likely-super-stale cake is pretty surprising, no? As we’ve learned, Louis’s christening service will be followed by tea at Clarence House, where the preserved top tier of the royal wedding cake will be magnificently unveiled.

If you remember, Kate and William asked Fiona Cairns to create an eight-layer fruitcake for their big day. Apparently, saving certain parts of the cake is a tradition that dates back to Queen Elizabeth, who held onto her 500-pound cake for christenings and to slice them as gifts for other occasions. According to The Mirror, it’s normal to do this for your first child, though Kate and Will have gone the extra mile and followed this tradition for Charlotte and now Louis’s christening as well.

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To be fair, the royals’ wedding cake doesn’t sound so bad. It was made of 17 individual fruitcakes covered in white and cream icing and coupled with 900 iced flowers and 17 varieties of leaves. Throw that puppy into a freezer and we guess … we’ll take a slice? Don’t think Marie Antoinette would be so into the idea.