Prince Harry: "I Would Love to Have Kids Right Now"

Prince Harry Visits New Zealand - Day 3
Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Ladies, it sounds like Prince Harry might like to step into fatherhood sooner rather than later. In an interview with Sky News he told reporters, "Of course, I would love to have kids right now." Maybe it's his new niece, Princess Charlotte that has him feeling just a touch of baby fever. That said, he's never one to rush things. He went on to explain, "There come times when you think now is the time to settle down, or now is not, whatever way it is, but I don't think you can force these things. It will happen when it's going to happen."

The eligible bachelor is also hoping to have a special lady by his side. Prince Harry confessed, "Hopefully I'm doing all right by myself. It would be great to have someone else next to me to share the pressure. But, you know, time will come and whatever happens, happens."

Here's to his future Princess: May the odds be ever in your favor.

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