By Jonathan Borge
Updated Aug 07, 2018 @ 12:00 pm

Are there no great cobblers left in London?

Let’s cut to the chase: Prince Harry (royal, rich man, husband to 2018’s most popular former American TV actress) served as best man at a wedding over the weekend and — gasp! — dared to rock the hole. Not sure what we mean? Indeed, the British monarch and Meghan Markle headed to the wedding of his childhood friend Charlie van Straubenzee and wife Daisy Jenks on Saturday and, as eagle-eyed people on Twitter noticed, Harry arrived with a gaping hole in his shoe.

(Semi-related: The occasion also happened to fall on Markle's 37th birthday.)

Prince Harry Embed 2
Credit: Antony Jones/Getty Images
Prince Harry Embed 3
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But fine.

The hole is pretty small. And to be honest, any one of us would be clocked for our wardrobe if paparazzi — armed with telescopic lenses — were taking snaps of our accessories. But we can't help but muse, if Prince Harry can’t even keep it together, how are the rest of us supposed to fare?

Harry also wore the same exact shoes in April, so, in his defense, maybe he was trying to be eco-friendly by re-wearing old kicks, or maybe he’s trying to cut some costs after that lavish $34 million wedding in May. Or, perhaps they’re just incredibly comfortable, hole and all.

Prince Harry Embed 1
Credit: Neil Mockford

Markle also took some heat for—gasp! gasp!—accidentally exposing a little bit of her bra at the same wedding. An off day for the royals? Nah. We’ve got to cut these people some slack.