This Video of Prince Harry Going Fishing for Charity Will Make Him Your Favorite Royal

Prince Harry
Photo: kensingtonroyal/Instagram

Prince Harry’s only job isn’t just showing off his dashing good looks. The royal is deeply involved in charities throughout the U.K., and luckily this latest trip accomplished both of his jobs at once. Harry visited Wigan, England, today to visit community groups that are helping the lives of at-risk young people through sports.

His first stop was Cast North West, the United Kingdom’s first indoor angling center that helps disadvantaged youngsters boost their employment opportunities. “Angling can be a great hook to get young people into other educational activities,” the Kensington Palace wrote on Twitter. During the visit, the prince got a tour of the facilities, spoke with kids being helped by the charity, and even tried his hand at catching a few fish of his own.

In a hilarious video, Prince Harry uses a net to catch a few fish, and is ecstatic when he sees that he was successful, breathing an audible sigh of relief.

His next stop was The Blair Project, where Harry met with school children that were about to race their own 3D-printed race karts for the first time. The handsome royal listened as the youngsters described how they designed the karts and how they plan to use the skills in the future, and then watched as they raced their new designs.

For the third leg of his trip, the prince visited the Wigan Youth Zone, which "provides a safe, affordable, and engaging venue for over 5,000 young people," The Kensington Palace wrote on Instagram. A small daily fee provides children access to over 20 activities each day. "Just about any skill can be learnt at the amazing youth centre," the post added.

All three projects are designed to give young people the opportunity to learn new skills and showcase their talents in order to better their chances of gainful employment.

Between Prince Harry’s irrefutable charm and his charitable heart, we can’t decide which is more swoon-worthy.

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