Prince Harry Admits He Sometimes Feels "Out of Touch" with Younger Generations

Prince Harry - October 7, 2015
Photo: Anwar Hussein/WireImage

Just when we thought the royals were completely untouchable, it seems they actually share a lot of the same worries we do. In fact, for Prince Harry, he says he's worried about aging of all things. Why might you ask, when he’s only 31? Turns out, the royal’s anxieties stem from feeling “out of touch” with younger generations, he tells People.

“Five years ago was the first time I actually started panicking, thinking to myself that I’m losing touch—that I don’t play Xbox or PlayStation anymore,” Harry tells People in this week’s exclusive interview. “And when I do, I play against other people’s kids—they kick my arse.” And although, he says it’s “great fun” to engage with younger kids, Harry says he “associates little things like that with being out of touch.”

While it may be true that Harry doesn't have much time for fun and games these days, that's probably because he's recently taken on more responsibility within the royal family. For one, the prince just landed in the U.S. for the 2016 Invictus Games, his self-founded Olympic-style competition in support of injured veterans. If we had to guess, it seems jet-setting around the world for charity is enough to keep anyone busy—royal duties aside.

Despite any royal obligations, Harry tells People that he does still want to find ways of connecting with younger generations—even if he’s starting to feel his age. “If I want to carry on doing the things I love and trying to make a difference, I have to be engaged with kids, and they have to think, ‘He’s relatively cool, we’ll go along with him,” he tells People. “What I don’t want to do is turn up at a school and they say, ‘Who’s that joker? He’s 31 years old and boring and doesn’t have a clue!’”

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