Prince Harry - Lead
Credit: Karwai Tang/WireImage

Just when you thought you couldn’t fall any harder for Prince Harry, this new photo will surely make you melt. The charming prince, fresh off of his successful Invictus Games in the U.S., launched the Heads Together campaign, along with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and the resulting photos will make you swoon.

The campaign, which aims to end the stigma around mental health and prevent male suicide, brought these humanitarian royals together for one fun and important event. Prince Harry played mental health Jenga, looking utterly adorable as he removed a block from the mega stack. But his intentions are just as sweet as his smile: The prince highlighted the game’s use as a therapeutic tool by mental health professionals.

Along with playing board games, the royals also got physical, “promoting the benefits of physical activity for mental wellbeing.” Harry was totally swoon-worthy while showing off his boxing skills—in a suit, no less—an activity even the duchess took part in.

Prince Harry Heads Together - Embed
Credit: WPA Pool/Getty Images

This picture-perfect family isn’t just looking good: They’re doing good as well.