What Is Prince Harry's Net Worth?

We know, we know. There’s more to Prince Harry than a handsome smile and the fact that he’s a British monarch, but c’mon, isn’t that part of the appeal? Let’s not shy away from it: everyone is curious about that famous family’s wealth (FYI, their collective net worth is $88 billion, according to Forbes).

In case you’ve forgotten, the royals live off trusts like the Crown Estate, which means that much of their value is found in their world-class properties akin to Buckingham Palace and robust collections of art and jewels (hello, Princess Diana’s Spencer crown). Yes, we’ve learned that his new wife Meghan Markle’s net worth is estimated at around $5 million. And yes, we’ve learned that Princess Charlotte is worth $1 billion more to the British economy than Prince George. But what's going on with Harry?

Prince Harry Marries Ms. Meghan Markle - Windsor Castle
Pool/Samir Hussein/Getty Images

While other royals rely on the aforementioned properties and estate alone, Harry, 33, and his brother Prince William, 36, have a special situation given that they’ve inherited a fortune from their late mother, Diana. According to Forbes, the brothers began to receive $450,000 a year after turning 25, and once they hit 30, they received the main chunk altogether, which is believed to be approximately $14 million. Because of his 10 years serving in the Royal Air Force, Harry earned about $53,000 a year, according to a Forbes report. And if that weren’t enough, he and William reportedly inherited Diana’s jewels, which have an unknown value.

So what, exactly, is his estimated net worth? It's estimated at $25 million, though according to Money, other reports estimate it’s as high as $40 million. Considering Harry and Markle’s wedding cost around $34 million, it’s safe to say those estimated $88 billion in family assets came in handy.

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