Can You Guess Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's Number One Pet Peeve About Royal Life?

BREAKING NEWS: Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are actual real-life human beings, not deities. It's shocking, we know. Take all the time and tissues you need to process. We promise it'll be ok.

Despite being on the highest of high pedestals as royal family members, Meghan and Harry do sometimes have the same kind of thoughts, feelings, and emotions as the rest of us (who would've thought?), which means occasionally, they won't like something. And they'll say it.

Meghan and Harry lead
James Devaney

Much to the surprise of others (for some reason), the Duke and Duchess of Sussex reportedly admitted that they aren't the biggest fan of the massive hoards of bloodthirsty cameras that trail them and capture their every step. Color us not even a little bit surprised.

When the couple met a little boy named Mckenzie who shares the same disdain for paparazzi life at the WellChild Awards earlier this week, his mom said they were happy to bond over their collective annoyance.

Meghan and Harry embed
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"They were so lovely. They knew he (Mckenzie) was scared of the cameras and they said they didn’t like the cameras either so they turned around," his mom reportedly said. "They said he was amazing and to keep going the way he is going and told him to look after me. He’s never going to forget this, even though he’s only four."

See, normal humans Meghan and Harry can be just like everyone else, if being like everyone else means being slightly annoyed on occasion. Mind blown.

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