By Alexandra Whittaker
Updated Apr 19, 2018 @ 4:30 pm
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Prince Harry: member of the royal family, future husband to Meghan Markle, and Golden Girls fan? Some people seem to think so.

Fans are convinced that the royal made an appearance in Markle's now-deleted Instagram while rocking a sweatshirt featuring Dorothy and Blanche from the TV show The Golden Girls (which, conveniently, you can still buy).

Samir Hussein

Buzzfeed first pointed out the similarity, and since then, it has gotten people pretty riled up.


The snap was posted in October 2016, when they were already dating, so it's theoretically possible that the prince made a special social media appearance.

That's what the couples' fans seem to think, anyway.

Markle captioned the shot "I take full responsibility for this sweatshirt. He wears it well. #goldengirls #truth."

#Truth indeed, Meghan.