“Nervous” Prince Harry Gets Tested for HIV on Facebook Live for a Cause

Prince Harry - HIV Test Instagram
Photo: kensingtonroyal/instagram

Prince Harry is getting tested for a cause. The young royal took an HIV test on Facebook Live today at the Burrell Street Sexual Health Centre in London to “de-stigmatize” getting tested for the sexually transmitted disease and show how simple the procedure truly is.

The royal admitted he was apprehensive about the test results. “Even being the person that I am and the people that I end up being around, I’m sitting here and I’m still nervous,” he said.

“Once you’ve got people through the door, that’s the hardest bit out the way,” Harry said. The test is a simple finger prick that gives results back in just a minute. “It’s amazing how quick it is.”

The prince received a negative result, but went through the steps for those “back home” that would take place if the test were positive in an attempt to remove the stigma around the issue.

“So whether you’re a man, woman, gay, straight, black, or white, whatever—even ginger— why wouldn’t you come and have a test?”

He truly is a prince of the people.

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