Prince Harry Could Be Hosting a Show for Goldman Sachs

From HRH to finance bro.

Meghan Markle isn't the only one reportedly lining up her new gig post-royal life. While the Duchess of Sussex is rumored to be in talks with Disney, CNBC reports that Prince Harry may be in front of the camera soon, too. Sources close to Goldman Sachs say that Harry is "in discussions" to appear on "Talks at GS," a YouTube video series and podcast from the financial giant.

"Harry is not yet confirmed. However, as a person familiar, I can tell you we have been in discussions," a source close to the production told E! News.

Meghan Markle Prince Harry Goldman Sachs
Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Past guests on "Talks at GS" include Mark Cuban, Gwyneth Paltrow, and someone close to Harry: David Beckham. If he does appear on the series, he'd be in good company, though it won't put the former royals any closer to financial independence. "Goldman Sachs does not pay those that participate in 'Talks at GS,'" the source added.

Harry's possible participation would make this the second time that he and Meghan have been linked to a huge financial institution recently. Just a few days ago, the two were seen in Miami at an event for J.P. Morgan.

Last month, The Daily Mail reported that the Sussexes "plan to make a living by providing voiceovers and producing documentaries on 'worthy' issues, such as mental health and climate change." The "Talks at GS" gig could put them closer to that goal, though there's no telling until Harry gets the job.

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