Prince Harry Plays with an Adorable Happy Baby and the Internet Can't Stop Fawning

Have you had a bad day? Taking one down? Singing a sad song just to turn it around? Well, don't worry too much, because we've got the perfect thing for you, and like many day brighteners, it comes in the form of a royal.

Prince Harry is making a scheduled visit to Denmark this week, and on his first day of the trip, he gave us mood-boosting gold in the form of a very sweet meeting with a small baby.

Prince Harry - Embed
Ole Jensen/Corbis/Getty

The prince and the infant seemed like pals as Harry made sure an umbrella shielded everyone from the rain. He even squeezed the baby's little feet. We're swooning.

On the same day, Prince Harry also gave an impromptu speech to a group of kids who are part of the GAME Denmark program, which is an NGO that uses youth-led street sports to create social change.

The prince joked around with the kids while also encouraging them to continue giving back to their communities in a speech that was the perfect mix of humor and humility.

If this is only day one of the trip, we can't wait to see what the other days bring. Mood: lifted.

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