Christmas Prince Harry is the Cutest Prince Harry

Feeling overwhelmed with the impending holiday festivities? Have you been inundated with last-minute emails and wish lists? Is traveling giving you anxiety? Take a breath and take this in: vintage Prince Harry. To get even the grinchiest folk in the mood for the holidays, we present you with a royal treat. Prince Harry's a feast for the eyes on the worst of days, but toss in a little bit of Christmas cheer and he's a gift you didn't know you needed. We're throwing it back with some of the best photos of the soon-to-be dad from Christmases past.

Back during his time in the Army Air Corps, Harry served overseas in Afghanistan. From 2007 to 2008, he served more than 10 weeks in Helmand, Afghanistan, but after the press let the entire world where he was stationed, he pulled out. He later returned to Afghanistan for a 20-week deployment in 2012-13 before leaving the army altogether in 2015. During his time abroad, however, he gifted everyone with this gem of a snapshot. We're not sure what the braid is about, but we'd cozy up to this Santa Claus any day of the year.

Prince Harry embed
WPA Pool

The day after Christmas, aka Boxing Day, doesn't involve eating leftovers and wearing new pajamas when you're a royal. Instead, Harry and his family embark on a traditional pheasant hunt (well, unless rumors about Meghan Markle end up being true). In the past, Harry accompanied his brother William and father on the adventure in Sandringham. Of course, they look the part.

Sandringham Shoot
Julian Parker/Getty Images

If you had to perform in a Christmas pageant as a kid, know that you're in good company. Even having a title can't get you out of putting on a costume and being a part of this tradition. Harry was snapped in a shepherd costume as a kid and this photo is proof that some people manage to grow up without losing their baby faces.

Harry Shepherd Costume
Tim Graham/Getty Images
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