By Isabel Jones
Oct 18, 2018 @ 12:30 pm

Though Meghan Markle’s Australia tour accessories are all we can seem to talk about (pasta necklaces, Princess Diana’s earrings, oh my!), Prince Harry’s new duds aren’t lagging too far behind.

The Duke of Sussex stepped out in Sydney (and Melbourne, and Dubbo) over the past few days wearing an eye-catching accessory on his right ring finger: a thick black band.

Scott Barbour/Getty Images
James D. Morgan/Getty Images
Scott Barbour/Getty Images

Note: Harry’s still wearing his wedding band on his left hand, so it’s not marriage-related, unless it’s meant to signify Meghan’s dark side? Or maybe it’s his wedding ring in the Upside Down? Or ... Harry's a secret polygamist with an Onyx-loving wife somewhere in Utah?

We weren’t the only ones with questions:

After painstaking hours of speculation, People provided us with the answer: it’s a Smart ring. The $299 Oura Ring (Harry’s is in the Heritage style) tracks your sleep and activity and provides you with feedback on your health.

So there you have it — Harry probably doesn’t have a second wife or a piece of jewelry dedicated to Meghan’s bad moods — he just wants a good night’s sleep.

Here, here.