Prince Harry Legit Just Asked Meghan Markle If Her Baby Was His

Let's hope the Queen doesn't watch this clip ... 

Though Prince Harry’s marriage to Meghan Markle has reportedly changed him (green juice! meditation! health rings!), there’s at least one aspect of his personality that’s in it for the long haul: his sense of humor.

The Duke And Duchess Of Sussex Visit Morocco
Samir Hussein/Getty Images

Despite the tragedy and intense public scrutiny that have marred his life, Harry keeps a generally sunny outlook and disposition (unless you’re giving his loved ones trouble, that is). The Duke of Sussex put that side of himself on display during his and Meghan’s trip to Morocco, and thankfully we have it on video.

While visiting a boarding house in Asni, a woman congratulated Meghan on her pregnancy, and without missing a beat Harry turned to his wife and asked, “What, you’re pregnant?” Markle laughed, telling him, “Surprise!” to which he responded with a line found in every teen soap opera ever made: “Is it mine?” Catch the moment below at around 0:54.

The Queen was all excited about how Harry and Meghan presented themselves abroad, so we have a sneaking suspicion she hasn’t seen this clip. For a woman who reportedly finds the word pregnant “vulgar,” paternity humor probably isn’t her cup of tea. But who needs the Queen’s approval when you have the public’s? Just kidding, it’s really important — but still, nice joke, Harry.

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