Prince Harry Once Rejected the Idea of Archie Following Royal Protocol

Dr. Jane Goodall recalled a conversation that hinted at the Sussexes' royal exit.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's announcement that they were stepping down from royal life may have shocked some of them, but Dr. Jane Goodall, who has worked with the couple, said she wasn't surprised.

In an interview with Daily Mail's Weekend Magazine, Dr. Goodall recalled a conversation she had with the Duke of Sussex, during which he hinted at not wanting his son Archie to grow up with royal protocols.

"At the end Meghan came in to listen with Archie," she said of an interview she did with Harry. "He was very tiny and very sleepy – not too pleased to be passed from his mummy. I think I was one of the first to cuddle him outside the family."

She recalled, "I made Archie do the Queen’s wave, saying, 'I suppose he’ll have to learn this.' Harry said, 'No, he’s not growing up like that.'"

Meghan Markle Archie

Last year, Harry interviewed Dr. Goodall for the September issue of British Vogue that Meghan guest-edited, during which he revealed he and Meghan plan to have two children, maximum.

Last July, Emily Andrews, The Sun's royal correspondent, reported that Goodall said she visited Frogmore Cottage the month prior, and got to meet baby Archie. During the visit, she also reportedly met Meghan Markle, who said she's been a lifelong fan of Goodall and her work.

"You’ve been my idol since I was a child," the Duchess of Sussex reportedly told Goodall. "I’ve hero-worshipped you all my life.”

Given that Harry and Meghan have been vocal about wanting Archie to grow up with as normal of a life as possible, it's not surprising that Harry said Archie wouldn't be have a royal upbringing — but it does hint at how long the Sussexes may have been considering their exit.

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