Specifically, tractors.

By Alicia Brunker
Updated Oct 20, 2019 @ 4:30 pm

As Prince George continues to grow older, his interests are becoming more diverse. In addition to soccer and ballet, the young royal recently discovered another passion (and future career) he may want to pursue: farming.

In a new documentary titled Prince Charles: Inside the Duchy of Cornwall — which is centered around Charles's 135-acre estate — Prince William spoke to farmer Mervyn Keeling about his eldest son's peculiar interest in tractors and other farm machinery.


"I should have brought George today; he would be absolutely loving this… He’s obsessed," Will said in reference to the nearby equipment.

George's other siblings — Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis — share their brother's affinity for the outdoors, according to Will. “My children are already, y’know, playing on the tractors and, like you say, it’s so important to get outside, and have the children understand nature,” he explained.


Proof to his point, the Cambridge children appeared to be in their element while playing in mom Kate Middleton's garden for the Chelsea Flower Show in May. George and Charlotte dangled their feet into a stream, while Louis ran around picking up twigs and sticks.

Royal or not, kids are kids!