Prince George Isn't Interested In Playing with Princess Charlotte

This just in: Prince George is a normal 5-year-old.

Alright sure, he'll be the King of England someday—which is about as far from a "normal" career path as you can get—but that day isn't coming anytime soon.

As he bides his time before becoming a monarch, the 5-year-old's life looks a lot like any other kid's. And it includes occasionally dodging playtime with his little sis, 3-year-old Princess Charlotte.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte embed
Samir Hussein

A People source reports that George is "very independent now and not as interested in playing with Charlotte all the time."

"They are close, but George likes to go off and do his own thing," the source said. That solitary streak does come across in photos every once in awhile (especially when compared to Charlotte hamming it up for photographers) but as it turns out, the little prince is pretty talkative ... once you get to know him.

Prince George lead

“George takes a little while to warm up, but once he’s comfortable with you, he’s very chatty and charming,” the source added.

All great qualities for monarchs. And 5-year-olds.

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