By Alexandra Whittaker
Jul 26, 2018 @ 11:30 am

When an outfit works, it works—and that rule of thumb can also defy age and time. Need proof? We give you exhibit A: Prince George and Prince William.

George already looks like a carbon copy of when his father was a kid, but they share more than physical looks. Harper's Bazaar took a dive into William's baby photo archive, and discovered proof of a strikingly similar fashion sense between the Duke of Cambridge and his 5-year-old.

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We knew George's 5th birthday outfit looked familiar!

Getty Images

On the left: Prince George, apple of his country's eye, in a crisp white collared shirt with blue trim on the sleeves. On the right: Prince William way back in 1985 messing around during a family trip to Venice while wearing (you guessed it), a white button-up with the same collar and colored trim. Mic drop.

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It's not the exact same shirt (it's regrettably missing blue trim over the buttons), but it's pretty freakin' close, and it's styled in the same way with blue shorts. 

When it comes to royal fash-un, we often look to Kate Middleton or Meghan Markle for cues, but George is clearly going another route. Who knew Prince William was such a style icon?