The lunch menu alone is enough to make a 25-year-old want to re-do the first grade.

By Isabel Jones
Updated May 24, 2019 @ 11:30 am

The U.K.’s biggest little prince, 5-year-old Prince George, began school at London’s Thomas’s Battersea nearly two years ago, and in that time he’s earned a hip nickname, taken up ballet lessons, and begun sporting a lot of navy. Kensington Palace recently confirmed what we have long expected, that in the fall, George’s little sister Princess Charlotte, 4, will join him at Thomas’s Battersea.

Here’s everything we know about the royals’ selective private school.

Credit: DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS/Getty Images

The Cafeteria Offerings Are Fit for a King (and Queen)

Thomas’s lunch menus rotate weekly, with full-blown meals that include gluten-free and vegan options. This week, George may have enjoyed a “Freshly Prepared Pork Sausage Plait With Onions, and Fresh Herbs and Gravy” or a “Freshly Prepared Sticky Date Sponge Served With Fromage Frais.” Also, apparently the school breeds 4-year-olds who know what “Fromage Frais” is.

Educating the Future Sovereign Doesn’t Come Cheap

According to the U.K.’s Good Schools Guide, annual tuition at Battersea is between £14,235 - £20,868 (approximately $18,000 and $27,000), with a discount afforded to parents with multiple children attending.

Students Are Guided By the Motto “Be Kind”

As such, inclusivity is encouraged, and best friends are not. Policy dictates that when handing out invitations for birthday parties, unless every student in the class is invited you must do so outside of school.

The Extracurriculars Are Endless

Students ages 4-13 can choose from a slate of after-school activities that include philosophy, music theory, table tennis, community gardening, ballet, something called “Lego,” and pretty much any other child-appropriate hobby under the sun.

Students Will Learn French, Whether They Want to or Not

French is “the main language” taught to Battersea pupils — all of whom take at least one lesson per week. In later years students will take Spanish, and Mandarin is now being offered as an after-school course.

Are you looking for any 25-year-old recruits, Thomas's? Ready and willing to learn French, eat delicious things I can't pronounce, and become a table tennis champ, just FYI ...