Prince Charles Loves His Wild Squirrels So Much He Lets Them in His House to Play

Remember that scene in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the remake, sans Gene Wilder) where Veruca Salt is full-on steamrolled by a hyper-organized faction of squirrels? Instantly scarred you for life, right? Apparently there are some among us who took that scene as ~ inspiration ~ and not the nightmare fuel it was meant to be. Including England's future reigning monarch.

Or, more likely, Prince Charles has probably just never seen the movie. His love of rodents goes beyond the appropriate appreciation of Ratatouille and straight into mildly disturbing territory, because we've learned from his son Prince William that he is letting local British squirrels live with him sometimes.

In a new interview with the U.K. magazine Country Life, Prince William discussed his dear dad's quirks, and they are ... quirky.

“He is completely infatuated by the red squirrels that live around the [Birkhall] estate in Scotland — to the extent that he’s given them names and is allowing them into the house!” William said.

Take a second to let that sink in. The squirrels are allowed. In. The. House.

“They come into the house at Birkhall and we get them chasing each other round and round inside," Charles added in another article. "If I sit there quietly, they will do so around me. Sometimes, when I leave my jackets on a chair with nuts in the pockets, I see them with their tails sticking out, as they hunt for nuts — they are incredibly special creatures.”

Prince Charles loves squirrels lead
Paul Watt - PA Images/Getty Images

Sounds like Charles has a squirrelfriend. He'd have to be nuts to spend his time that way. We always knew he was squirrelly, but this is next level. (Alright, alright, we'll stop.)

Say what you will about the future King of England, but clearly his love of nature knows no bounds. Or boundaries. It makes us look these photos where he received a red squirrel stuffed animal for Prince George in a whole new way.

Prince Charles loves squirrels embed
Paul Watt - PA Images/Getty Images

"For Prince George" indeed.

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