Prince Charles Had an Unexpected Request For Katy Perry

It's the only thing more surprising than their friendship. 

Katy Perry and Prince Charles's friendship was unexpected in and of itself, but perhaps even more disarming is the prince's request for Perry when they met up at a recent reception.

Perry joined the royal at a reception at Banqueting House in London on Tuesday night, where Prince Charles announced her as an ambassador of the British Asian Trust’s Children’s Protection Fund for India — and where he asked her to give a concert to his plants.

According to People, Perry told the royal that she heard that he talked to his plants, to which Prince Charles replied, "I would prefer it if you sang to them."

Katy Perry Prince Charles
WPA Pool/Getty Images

Perry later brought up the conversation in her speech, telling the audience, "I’m excited to be here because I’m a big fan of His Royal Highness and all the work that he has done and is continuing to do, especially in India for children."

"In my own personal experience he has an incredibly kind soul — so kind that yes, sometimes he talks to his plants," she added. "And he asked me if I would sing to his plants. And I will in the future. You have my word, sir."

Who knew Prince Charles was such a devoted plant parent?

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